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Our portal features a readily available selection of these products, and we remain dedicated to continually expanding our offerings.

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Our Lending Partners

We have partnered with wide range of financial institutions to address loan needs of all income segment

Loans For Everyone, Everywhere 

Here are some pointers to ensure that you are making a wise choice

Easy On-boarding

Easy integration options – Web portal access & API integrations.

Rs.9999/- Investment

Start earning on every successful loan lead submission & on disbursement.


Complete End to End Encryption

Best Incentives

We share up to 60% of our disbursement share with our partners.

Instant Loan Viability

Our intelligent loan platform can check for bank availability, generate credit report,perform bank statement analysis prior to submission.

Assured Income Source

Wide range of loan products to cater to loan requirements of all segment of people. Thus, you don’t miss out any customer.

Pan India Coverage

Country wide presence, refer customers from any part of the country.

Our Platform Features

Best way to experience our platform is to book for a demo, but we have tried our best to consolidate our features here, do have a look!

Real-Time Viability Assessment.

Discover the feasibility of the loan within 5 minutes. Simply input the applicant’s basic details, and our system will conduct the preliminary viability check even before submitting the lead.

Instantaneous Credit Assessment

As a part of Viability Check, we will generate Credit Report which helps us understand the past credit history & repayment behaviour of the applicant.

Bank Statement Analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis on the applicant’s bank statement which forms a crucial part in estimating the maximum loan amount eligibility for that applicant profile.

Transparent Process

Overall progress and recent lead updates can be checked right from the Loanworx Dashboard. All progress are updated live & covered end to end in Lead specific time-line called Activity Stream.

Quick And Easy Document Upload

Document requirement for each loan type is listed out in Viability report which can be printed/shared with applicant. Once arranged, these documents can be scanned and uploaded through a super easy upload interface.

In-built Partner Training Modules

We have built a strong knowledge hub – Loan Academy which hosts numerous Training Videos and Documents on System usage, Product knowledge & Best Sales Practices.

Personalized Promotion Materials

Each of your end franchisee will be provided with personalized promo materials & wall -posters (with your logo & their Contact Details dynamically embedded) which can be circulated in their personal Social Networks & WhatsApp.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Each lead that the partner has submitted will assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will be in touch with the customer & bank, till the loan is disbursed.

Loans For Everyone, Everywhere

Ensuring the accessibility of financial products for Bharat through a facilitated digital model.

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