About US

BazarTak is Online B2B Marketplace, Empowering MSMEs & Retailers

Our mission is to empower MSMEs & Retailers by providing comprehensive support that catalyzes sustainable business growth. We are committed to fostering a dynamic ecosystem where entrepreneurs can thrive, innovate, and contribute significantly to economic development. Our focus is on removing barriers to success, ensuring access to financial resources, promoting technological adoption, and advocating for favorable regulatory frameworks. Through strategic partnerships, mentorship programs, and tailored initiatives, we aim to create an inclusive environment that nurtures entrepreneurship, fosters resilience, and unlocks the full potential.

Our Mission and Vision

Let’s enable 65 million+ businesses to go Digital


BazaarTak for Buyers
– Convenience of connecting with sellers anytime, anywhere
– Wider marketplace with a range of products and suppliers
– Payment Protection Program

BazaarTak for Suppliers
– Enhanced business visibility
– Increased credibility for your brand
– Lead Management System
– Instant Payment Solution: Pay with BazaarTak